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Urban forestry meets the Olympics?



London Olympics art display breathes new life into importance of urban forestry

26 July 2012

By Tierney Smith

Urban forests play a vital role in regulating a city’s environment as well as improving the social well-being of residents.

The benefits from trees removing pollution and carbon from urban atmospheres could be worth millions of pounds, while ‘green walls’ in cities could cut pollution by 30%, according to research conducted by the University of Birmingham.

A new art installation in London ahead of the Olympic Games attempts to highlight these benefits.

The ‘Breathing Trees’ display is based in Russell Square – one of they city’s best known public areas – and is intended to change a typical city park into a living, breathing organism using light and sound installations.

The ‘Breathing Trees’ installation aims to turn Russell Square’s canopy into the lungs of the city (Source: Camden Council)


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