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What was and what next. Architectural Record published this review, What Was… 2000-2010 – Features – Architectural Record, of 2000-2010 that considers the impact of change on architecture. There are numerous articles on what next? too. To what extent are these ideas applicable to landscape architecture?

The money quote from Clifford A. Pearson: “After a period of wealth creation on a scale never before seen, what do we have to show for it all?”

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Since the recession began (long ago in Dec 2007) and its impact on landscape architecture began to become clear (2009), I have looked for information online that might shed light on how landscape architecture is being transformed. I have found very little – except posts by recent grads looking for jobs or people considering this profession and wondering if it is a good idea. Is there little discussion and analysis because everyone is just hoping that things get back to “normal” soon? We’re all optimists? Or am I just not looking in the right places?

Recently I began collecting anecdotes from people either practicing in the field or looking for a job in the field as a way to get a glimpse of what is happening. So far, I have a small sample, but the stories I am hearing are interesting and varied. And they’re not as depressing as I might have thought. Perhaps I should not be surprised that creative people have (mostly) found creative ways to get by, and maybe even thrive, in difficult circumstances. I will be posting these stories over the next few weeks in the Recession Watch category.

Specifically, I asked:

As someone who teaches in a landscape architecture program, I have become anxious as graduation time arrives while the economy remains stagnant. The Great Recession has had a significant impact on the profession. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the promises or pitfalls of practice now. Do you see any “green shoots”? Any emerging areas of practice, including the nonprofit sector? Any advice for someone in school today and/or graduating next month?

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