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Meadowbrook plantings

Municipal budget cuts have devastated the planting programs of many local governments. The hanging baskets and beds planted with annual flowers have disappeared in many cities, despite being loved by locals and visitors alike. Here in Syracuse, I regularly drive by some impressive floral displays in public rights-of-way that are immune to the City’s budget … because they are created by neighborhood residents. Along one street, Meadowbrook, nearby neighbors are particularly industrious, planting 27 beds, two at each intersection, along the length of the street. The results are idiosyncratic, looking quite different from “professionally designed” beds due to the broad array of plants selected, but they are effective and add to that neighborhood sense of place. Lately, custom-designed birdhouses have been added to a few of the beds. To me, this grassroots energy says “you’re in the right place,” and “this is a great place to live.” If a silver lining can be found in the rotten economy, I hope one such bright spot is more communities taking on the responsibility of making their place in the world great. It is clear that no outside help is coming…

With folk art addition

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